In the nick of time people will forget us. We will get so caught up in who we were not realizing its apart of the mission. We werent created for this self centered division. Thinking why this and why that. Another conversation left unsaid because of reality kicking right where we cant take it anymore. Thinking if only these thoughts in our head were more positive, alittle lighter, body curves more appealing. Why do i dread. When i know death isnt the answer. Just a chemical reaction to the pressure that is to much. To high. To hard. To tough to beat when im saying no more no stop it please. Moving my head trying to shake these thoughts in my head. Its just a thought she said. Its just im not attracted to you he said. Its just i want you in bed oh wait i heard that before. He want another re-run. Oh wait no pun intended. This is life or death. Choose to live or die with sin. We werent created to be used. We werent created to be abused. You are loved. Maybe its not many but look you got a purpose. You have a mission. You can make a legacy. Women and men stand up and fight. For our emotions dont have power over us if we dont give it to them. We are conquerers…wipe the dust off your shoulders… Wipe them tears. Were in a battle. We know the outcome. Get up you are Gods soldier.

Finding Fulfilment

There is always a missing piece in life. The greater career, the fancier car, the new beautiful huge home. Or perhaps the thigh gap or hard abs? Because we feel a missing piece we want to change ourselves up. We try to make things right. We look for answers but why is it we dont feel satisfied?

We are human. Our emotions can rule us. They can overtake our mind and lead us down a very unhappy life. Its time we rule our emotions. Say NO to those negative thoughts. Put your foot down and think of something like was kind or helpful.

We were created to be loved and appreciated. To be looked at like were the apple of our lovers eye. To be treated like a princess. To be respected. To be praised for so much more than our beauty.

On another hand i understand when someone gets upset. More specifically by a person who mistreats them. I understand when a women feels used after she gives and gives and feels not appreciated. I understand there are mental illnesses and they can cause alot of heartache. I understand especially why these can cause unhappiness.

We must develop our minds through training to identify our triggers. One thing i am aware of is Mental illnesses are amplified when we meet people who hurt us. A good choice is to stop and take a step back from the person or persons who keeps hurting us. Never stop loving yourself or them. Guard and protect your hearts. Its not easy nor will many people make it easy. Although it is possible.

It is a fact people will hurts us. We have to get up and cope. I know its hard. But we dont need to hold onto to the anger, sadnesses, betrayal or any other negative emotion. We must prepare ourselves for when people hurt us. We have to be aware people are not going to always make us the happiest.

The truth is whether someone has a mental illness or not they still have been hurt by someone else. Leaving them feeling broken. Sometimes we may feel worthless. Like a dispensible piece. Burried inside us is undoubtable pain that was built over the years.Every time someone belittles us or picks on us we usually feel a negative emotion.

Everyone has a struggle. Whether internal or external. These struggles often feed negatively into others. For example, Maybe one person will bully others because they were bullied and the cycle can repeat. We can learn how to deal with the negativity no matter how overwhelmed or saddened we feel.

The way to combat these negative emotions is we must call on our higher power to ask for help. We also need our friends and we need our family. All three combined will enable us to live a life to the full. Fight the negative it will all work out!

Better days

Cheers to the man or women you will be. You may have faced obstacles recently and feel defeat. I am here to tell you the emotion will end. When it does take a second to pat yourself on the back. Admit that everything its ok. The worst part is over. The next time may come however our emotions are fleeting. They come and go. If i learned one thing these past couple months it is emotions can be as fleeting as one day to the next. Choose wisely, live bodly, and love endlessly.

To be continued:)


Boom! I feel my heart crushed. Its as if everything he said was a lie. I dont want to believe he would’ve committed. I dont want to believe he was not flirting with other women. I do not want to believe there is no other women. I am tired of all the lies.

Was he really telling the truth. I feel my sense of abandonment arise. Mommy always gave me love but where was my father when I let that man slide. The man who said he loved me. Began to speak sweet words so he could have that something in return. He never loved me he just wanted a playmate. A women he knew he could use. Im glad i said goodbye. I am a Women of God. More than a conquer. Loved and treasured by the most high. I seen through the lies. He even admitted it. He never loved me, he never cared. In the end he said I wish you the best of luck! May God bless his heart please because those last words stabbed me write in the heart.

He & I

Muah! Muah! Muah! I remember the intoxicating kisses he gave to me. The ones to my lips and the sweet ones to my forehead. Together we are two lovers seperated by our long distance lives. He lives in one state and I live in another. Sometimes i wish my mental illnesses would more positive influences in my life, love, and self esteem.